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Program Management

Complex programs demand leadership with the initiative and foresight to manage the diverse interactions of different teams, technologies, and stakeholders. Flagstone Federal focuses on providing the Federal government with seasoned experts with proven management and relationship skills developed through years of commercial and government consulting experience. All of Flagstone’s consultants are focused on ensuring your program’s success with efficient delivery, cost conscious management and practical control of risk factors. All of Flagstone Federal’s consultants have demonstrated successful management of large multiyear and multi-component initiatives. The Flagstone team targets a clear understanding the practical and defined goals of the program, inspiring the teams and people tasked with project delivery while also driving to established plan milestones. Our consultants specialize in clearly communicating project progress, challenges and risk factors and identifying the right measures of success.

Flagstone’s program management approach includes several key actions to ensure your program’s success:

#1. Establishing the “Why”

Key to your program’s success is clearly understanding and defining its true objectives and to tie those objectives to the strategic direction of your agency and your leadership. Establishing clear and tangible program objectives in terms of the purpose for the effort and the achievable benefit provides the framework for all the effort to follow. The Flagstone team is experienced in helping structure the “why” for your program and identify the real benefits that will justify the costs and benefits.

#2. Defining the Program Structure

Each program, especially in Federal agencies, has numerous constituent components necessary for success. Early determination of the necessary people, the dependent technology, the interaction of the different operations and systems, as well as the constraints of Federal oversight and policy controls are all important to the success of your program. The Flagstone team brings a broad spectrum of skills and experiences to partner with you in defining the breadth and scope of what is required for an achievable and positive program outcome.

#3. Defining Measurements for Success

Articulating how to measure progress and the ultimate program success depends on establishing the key indicators and milestones to meet your objective. The Flagstone team will work with your subject matter experts to establish the project plans, methods to track and measure progress and define the short- and long-term success factors that are realistic and clearly defined.

#4. Communication

Your program’s success depends on your ability to clearly articulate the progress and results of the money and time invested in it. Equally important is properly defining the challenges being faced and recommending solutions so the appropriate steps can be taken to overcome obstacles to program advancement. The Flagstone team is familiar with developing and presenting clear and concise communications for your management, key stakeholders, partner activities, and your constituent populations.

Business Operations Specialist

The successful running of your organization involves an orchestrated interaction of the individuals, the technology, the policy and procedures, all coordinating efficiently to deliver the mission of your organization. The Flagstone team provides a multi-discipline team of creative and independent-thinking individuals who will objectively look at your business operation, make intuitive inquiries, challenge the norms, and investigate the impediments and stressors holding your team back from delivering their best for your clients. Solutions are focused on being realistic, cost effective, and minimally intrusive to gradually bring about positive improvements. Recommendations would include measures to improve controls and oversight, modernizing outdated procedures, and adapting the culture and individuals in ways that enhance their contribution. When appropriate, the right technical solution can provide significant benefits and effective improvements of time consuming and costly manual processes.

Business Analysts and IT / Data Services

To make sure a technology or operational change will succeed first depends on understanding the business environment in which you operate, as well as the business challenges you are trying to solve. Too often we jump to solutions without understanding the underlying factors that a change is intended to correct. This can lead to missed expectations, increased workload and wasted time and resources. The Flagstone team is comprised of experienced business analysts who will work with you to understand your operation, actively listen to your needs, help you craft and define the business problems, uncover the unintended consequences, and document a comprehensive requirement. Through interactive conversations, creative design sessions, independent research, and technical writing skills, the Flagstone team will ensure change is positive and focused on solving your pressing business needs.

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