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Why Flagstone Federal?

There is no shortage of companies that can provide staff and services to the federal government. What makes Flagstone Federal distinctive is why we do it. At the fundamental core of Flagstone Federal is the principle that we are here to serve those who serve others. All federal agencies fundamentally support the people, the nation, and the freedom we all share. Flagstone Federal aims to enhance that mission with top-quality individuals who bring a broad perspective and professional acumen to support our clients. We measure our accomplishments in how well we help our clients deliver and exceed their mission and objectives.

John Reinertsen0966-Edit Tight

John Reinertsen Bio

I have had the great opportunity to work with and for some incredible people who demonstrated the values, integrity and skills that have shaped the leader, father, friend and person I am today. I have experienced the intrinsic energy of small start-up companies and the strength and power of multi-national corporations, and all sizes in between. I have been part of some amazing successes and learned lessons. Through them all, I have had countless examples to draw inspiration and experience from. They have taught me the incredible benefit of building strong relationships; the importance of integrity and always speaking truth; the respect to recognize the value in all people and clarity of vision by listening to perspectives other than my own; the tenacity to power through adversity; and that success is not measured in the singular achievement but by motivating individuals towards a collective goal.My career may be defined by the places I worked and the accomplishments I have achieved, but it is the enthusiasm for where it will go tomorrow that sets its trajectory and the people I can enrich along the way that defines its value.

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